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About Our Company

Damteks, one of Turkey's leading manufacturers of acrylic yarn, began as a factory manufacturing operations in 1997 with 4.400 spindles. It offers its productions to its customers with care and diligence in its factory, which has a closed area of 30,000 square meters established on a total area of 40,000 square meters.


Damteks reached a production capacity of 600,000 kg / month with the investments made in 2000, 2002, 2005, 2010 and 2012 and the yarns produced with the latest technology machines have become the sought-after yarn both in the domestic and foreign markets, contributing to the country's economy with its exports to many countries of the world. In addition to improving production capacity, Damteks has preserved its production vision that respects labor and nature, while constantly renewing its machine park.

Alongside with acrylic yarn production, Damteks expanded its operations with an investment in cotton yarn production in 2021, becoming a co-founder of ABM Cotton. With this investment, Damteks has broadened its product range from synthetic yarns to natural-fiber yarns, in addition to its 40-years-long experience as a merchant of yarn. As of this day, Damteks supplies and sells acrylic yarns of Gürteks and Şireci, as well as natural-fiber yarns of ABM Cotton.

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