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As Damteks family, we are aware that while ensuring the continuity of production and diversity, the needs of our world, our environment and, more importantly, our future generations should not be compromised. For this reason, we prefer environmentally responsible and sustainable options in our production processes.


We use all our initiatives and make sustainability a principle in order to minimize the carbon footprint of our products during their journey from production to sales.


We reuse the waste that we generate while producing our products as raw materials in the production process of our recycled yarns.


We produce our recycled products by recovering the wastes generated in our production processes that can be reintroduced to the industry. Because we are aware that they are much more than just “waste”

Production and Continuity

In order to ensure the continuity of production and diversity, it is our first priority to carefully select the companies that we supply our raw materials from among the companies that work in the field of sustainability.


While presenting our latest products, which will provide more accurate answers to the needs of our customers, under our different brands, we also contribute to the delivery of our recycled fibers to manufacturers. In this way, we support the continuity of diversity and sustainability.

Image by Deepak Rautela

Recycled Yarns

In our sales and marketing processes, we prefer to highlight our products, which, like all our products, are produced with renewable energy, but which are recycled into the industry instead of being evaluated as waste during the production phase.

Renewable Energy

By equipping 93% of the 30,000 square meter roof of our production facility with solar energy panels, we provide most of the energy required for our production with renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, reducing our carbon footprint.

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